Paul Jabara • Shut Out
Casablanca (1977)
Yankee Doodle Dandy (Cohan)
Hungry For Love
Sun In Your Smile
It All Comes Back To You
Shut Out/Heaven Is a Disco
Slow Dancing
Paul Jabara • Keeping Time
Casablanca (1978)
Didn't The Time Go Fast
Saturday Matinee
Trapped In A Stairway
Take Good Care Of My Baby/What's A Girl To Do
Dancin' (Lifts Your Spirits Higher)
Last Dance
Pleasure Island
Something's Missing (In My Life)
Pattie Brooks- Vocals on "What's A Girl To Do"

Various Artists • Thank God It's Friday
Casablanca (1978)
Thank God It's Friday - Love And Kisses
After Dark - Pattie Brooks
With Your Love - Donna Summer
Last Dance - Donna Summer
Disco Queen - Paul Jabara
Find My Way - Cameo
Too Hot Ta Trot - The Commodores
Leatherman's Theme - Wright Bros. Flying Machine
I Wanna Dance - Marathon
Take It To The Zoo - Sunshine
Sevilla Nights - Santa Esmeralda
You're The Most Precious Thing In My Life - Love And Kisses (CD only)
Do You Want The Real Thing - D.C. Larue
Trapped In A Stairway - Paul Jabara
Floyd's Theme - Natural Juices
Lovin', Livin' And Givin' - Diana Ross
Love Masterpiece - Thelma Houston
Last Dance (Reprise) - Donna Summer
Je T'Aime (Moi Non Plus) - Donna Summer
A Motown-Casablanca FilmWorks Production of THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY. Executive Producer Neil Bogart. Written by Barry Armyan Bernstein. Produced by Rob Cohen. Directed by Robert Klane. Special Guest Star Donna Summer and introducing The Commodores. Manufactured and Distributed by Casablanca Record and FilmWorks, Inc. 1978.
Paul Jabara • The Third Album
Casablanca (1979)
Disco Wedding
Honeymoon (In Puerto Rico)
Disco Divorce
Foggy Day
Never Lose Your Sense Of Humor
Just You And Me
Paul Jabara, Producer - Brenda Russell, Pat Cloud, Brooklyn Dreams, Bruce Roberts, Michele Allen, Patti Brooks, Roberta Margarita Estes, Petsye Powell, Julia Tillman Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, background vocals - Victor Feldman, percussion - Greg Mathieson, arranger, conductor, keyboards - Dennis Christianson, Chuck Findley, trumpet - Paulinho Da Costa, percussion - Scott Edwards, bass guitar - John Ferraro, drums, trumpet - Jay Graydon, Paul Jackson Jr., Tim May, guitar - Ed Greene, drums - Gary Herbig, Larry Williams, saxophone - Gayle LaVant, harp - Sid Sharp, strings

Paul Jabara and Friends
Casablanca (1983)
Bad Habits (Fields/Price)
Ladies Hot Line (Jabara/Ross)
Hurricane Joe (Jabara/Mathieson)
It's Raining Men (Jabara/Shaffer)
Eternal Love (Asher/Jabara)
What's Become Of Love (Asher/Jabara)
Hope (Esty/Jabara)
Paul Jabara - The Weather Girls, Leata Galloway & Whitney Houston
Paul Jabara • De La Noche A Poperetta
Casablanca (1986)
Produced by Paul Jabara for THE ARTISTS COMPANY LTD. Executive Producer: Craig Kostich. Warner Bros. Records Inc., 1986.

Paul Jabara • Greatest Hits and Misses
Casablanca (1989)
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Hungry For Love
Sun In Your Smile
It All Comes Back To You
Shut Out/Heaven Is A Disco Dance
Last Dance
Trapped In A Stairway
Disco Queen
Pleasure Island
Beautiful Dreamer
Disco Wedding/Honeymoon (In Puerto Rico)/Disco divorce Something's Missing
Foggy Day/Never Lose Your Sense Of Humor
One Man/Finale